Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Trust Technique (James French) & Camargue ponies at Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre in London

I visited the Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre in London for the first time in October 2017. I finally met Sister Mary Joy Langdon who I had heard so much about. I was able to see her Camargue horses, some of which I already knew and had been donated by the SLL charity. Two of the horses, Numba and Nounnat, as well as Lucie who eventually came back to live with me, stayed at our place in France in 2005, on their journey across France to Brittany or England.

The SLL white horses Numba, Nounnat, Lucie & Duorno - at Fraysse Haut, June 2005

In 2012, SLL donated a Camargue pony, Raboliot, to WSPC for use in the centre equine hterapy and riding for the disabled, and he was joined by Numba and Nounnat, then Seth; and in 2016 SLL donated Vectris and Aiglon. Following the sad loss of SLL's president and inspiration, Jakki Cunningham, Athos, Jakki's own young Camargue horse, was transported to London to join Mary Joy and the group of White Horses at WSPC.

During my visit, and as a regular exercise, Mary Joy gives the Camargues some play and relax time together in the indoor school.
I appreciate her way of being with the horses, and it is a pleasure to watch a true horseman, and the way the horses respond to her.

It is so important for horses to have time to be horses, and we have observed that Camargues recognize each other and show signs of preferring the company of their own breed.


The following videos were shared by the centre following some sessions with James French and Mary Joy, in which they demonstrate their quiet way of connecting with each of the horses. I have never met James but I am very happy to see the progress with the horses and his way of working.

What happens on a Trust Technique Dream Day – at WSPC

... with Athos, Numba and Seth

Athos, Numba and Seth

I am delighted to see all these beautiful Camargues looking so well and happy and understood, under the care of Mary Joy Langdon and the staff and helpers at WSPC.

The Centre is a registered charity providing riding and equine therapy for children, specialising in those with special needs and physical disabilities.  Website: WSPC

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