Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sunny Sunday

I had a nice afternoon with the girls on Sunday. When I went down the field they were relaxing in the sunshine, Fina soon came ambling over but Lucie had a Do Not Disturb Me look. Fina is generally first to move towards me and be pleased to see me. When they walk across the field together towards me, Fina does so in a zigzag, cutting across Lucie, I guess so she can get to me first. Today as Lucie was busy with her siesta, when Fine got to me she kept looking back to see if Lucie was coming, which she did, slowly. No problem, no rush, take more time so it takes less time.

After a long grooming session, as there is a lot of loose hair especially from furry Fina, I do a bit of groundwork with each one in turn. Lucie does not think she should have to do this and I don't really spend enough time with her on this discussion, we have a clear relationship and respect, although I admit I let her get away with very subtley ignoring me occasionally until she pushes the respect issue too far and I pay attention to what's going on, and we have to have a little conversation about e.g. how quickly she needs to move when I ask, then she looks mildly surprised, but with a much nicer attitude. Even so, it is as hard as ever to get her to offer in the generous way that Fina does. So as usual I do stuff with Fina instead, it is much more rewarding and she is happy to be with me and easily gets involved in my little projects. We end up with driving from zones 3, 4 & 5 around the paddock then we all go for a walk and take it in turns who leads. Having the 3m lead ropes allows me to be behind, if they stop when I stop, and I can influence their movements and turn them, without any pull on the rope, then I know they are responsive and listening to me, bit like long reining but less micromanagement. And they do love it when it is their turn in front, ears pricked (flicking back from time to time to check on us behind); it also enables me to check how they are moving. Both are walking out well and making me puff keeping up! Time to get back in the saddle and out on the trail.

Unfortunately we find a group of fallen trees blocking one of our regular tracks, two large pines which have brought down a couple of young oak trees, so quite a job even for a chainsaw, and on a path nobody except us and the odd walkers uses so no chance of the hunt or local farmers needing to clear it, and a long way to bring OH and the chainsaw. We manage to find a way round the obstruction by going off piste into the woods. I will need to come back with secateurs at least, and clear a path.

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