Thursday, 4 August 2016

Summer visitors and hacks

In August, former owners Helen and Ali came to see Fina, and Jennie came over too. It wasn't too hot so we had a play with the ponies after lunch. Nice to see Ali and Fina together again.  Ali rode and even jumped Fina, and in the end everyone had a ride on her, and I sat on Lucie bareback. Helen took these super photos. Super relaxed afternoon chatting and playing with the horses.

It has been hot and I am not good at getting my act together to go out early in the morning. On a cooler day we went for a short hack, with Dan on Fina, me on Lucie. Dan is enjoying riding out in the woods, even managed to take the saddle off himself and brush her a bit yay!!


Thinking of what I had seen with Pat and Vision, I tried to have no grey areas with Lucie, be uncompromising, not accept a half effort from her, and I noticed a better expression as a result.

I do feel that I am finally getting reasonably competent with this method, it may have taken long enough but I can now be confident and assertive when I ask, on the ground at least, and the responses from the horses tell me I am doing okay.

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