Monday, 8 February 2016

Vet routine visit

The vet came this morning for winter routine visit and jabs. The ponies behaved perfectly and stood quietly, he has a simple effective unconfrontational approach anyway. Only Fina jumped dramatically as the needle came out, I guess it offended her being woken in her day dream. Lucie has it all sussed in advance and knows the routine. Fina always manages to look mildly surprised at everything.

Good and bad news, vet thinks I should gradually try Lucie back in light work (she has been lame for about 4 years with bone spavin in one hock) and he suggests boosting her with a mineral composition for a month. The small bones in her hock are fusing nicely, which means stiff movement but less pain. She is fine on forward movement, a bit stiff to start with but once moving she trots and canters and even jumps happily. Less good is that she has a small brown melanoma developing in the corner of each eye, which I have to watch. She has always had irritated eyes even now in winter and some discharge which I wash off daily. The irritation and rubbing may have caused the melanomas to develop, and if they enlarge may interfere with vision and have to be removed Not much I can do except try to keep them clean and less irritated.

He also checked teeth and says time for a tidy up, he saw a point developing on one of Lucie's, so will get the horse dentist round to do them both.

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