Thursday, 19 February 2015

Using the touch-it exercise

I ordered some new flexi-buckets and decided to give Fina the new scary purple one. Of course I should have prepared properly, introduced her to it & put it inside the old one first time but by the time I thought of that, it was a long way back to the house, and who would have thought it would be such a big deal. It was quite funny how suspicious she found it even when she could smell the food, she turned away and ran off. However, as that afternoon we had been doing Touch it (sending her to put her nose on objects) I was able to send her to the bucket - just shows how useful all these ground games are! Must say they are nice buckets, wish I'd ordered more than two. Her expression says it all here - still looking slightly offended, sensitive little soul. (Photo to follow)

Another recent purchase which I haven't yet done much with is a big green ball; I got it out the other day and introduced Fina to it, also part of our Touch it games. It wasn't nearly as scary as a new bucket! She had a good lick then followed it around and we got as far as her kicking it before I realised I was going to need a flat, enclosed area until I had trained her to go fetch it from the bottom of the sloping field.

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